The Curiosity Crawl

It’s funny being a culinary student, everyday I am asked “what did you learn?” or “what did you make today?”  I usually start my answer off by explaining that we are just starting with the basics and that so far we have only made sauces, some soups, cut lots of vegetables and then I keep adding more and more to the list of the things that we have done so far and the things that I have learned.  It turns out that learning the basics, leads to new discoveries, new techniques and the opportunity to appreciate a really simple preparation to make something delicious.  Delicious – is a word my chef instructor uses a lot – and I love it – the way it comes out of her mouth when describing something is awesome, I can feel her passion for it and can almost taste whatever it is she is explaining.  Passion – such an overused word – I know it, I read it in resumes at work all of the time and think of it as cliche – but sometimes it is hard to find another word to sum up that feeling.  Then someone comes along and helps you do just that.

This past week, the pastry chef instructor made a quick guest appearance in our class to talk about a new fun project/challeng for all of us culinary students.  She described being a chef of over 20 years and how there are times when she feels burnt out and over it, but more often than not she feels passionate, no curious.  She is driven to discover all that is new and interesting and different than what she knows and has done before.  So the challenge before us is the “Curiosity Crawl” as a way to learn and take advantage of all that the Bay Area has to offer in terms of the food scene….a list of about 40 things to taste, 10 places to see, and 15 recipes to discover.  Do these things and take a selfie along with a SF Cooking School logo in the shot – the first one to complete the list is in for what i am guessing will be a pretty sweet prize.  Most of these things to see, do and taste are in SF proper, so with being in Marin and working almost full time, I might be hard pressed to make them all happen, but I will be trying my best to get to as many of them as possible – of course the allure of the prize is one thing – the real prize for me though is to get out there and discover new things.  I am also really excited as this is going to be a great way to incorporate Tammie and other friends/family into my culinary education – it will make it way more fun and perhaps save me a few pounds along the way.  I will soon post the list and the selfies I take along the way.

In the meantime, here are a couple of food pics from the first couple of weeks…


Slaw w/ pepitas, cumin and sesame seeds


Pea and lettuce soup


Chicken with tarragon cream sauce, turned carrots and turned fried potatoes and zucchini.



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