Eat, Drink & Be Curious

I am psyched about this list, I have tried many of these things, but will be “forced” to do so again so that I can get credit for the Curiosity Crawl, there are several that have been on my to-try list for a while and still some that I had never heard of (or thought would make this list). I am looking forward to trying as many of these items as possible (I will be crossing them off as I do them).  Also I will be looking for co-tasters along the way. We all know, food is so much better when shared with friends/family.

To Taste:

Fried Artichoke – Locanda

Bloody Mary – Zuni Cafe

Porchetta Sandwich – Roli Roti

Carnitas – Nopalito

Burger – 4505 Meats

Fried Fish in Chile Pepper – Spices II

Onion Pancake – Old Mandarin Islamic

Brussel Sprout Chips – Marlowe

Octopus Stew – La Ciccia

Kougin Amann – b. patisserie

Rebel Within – Craftsman & Wolves


The Rebel Within…can’t wait to try it!

Chicken with Explosive Chile Pepper – Z & Y

Ice Cream – Bi-Rite Creamery

Pho – Turtle Tower

Burger – Mission Bowl

Breakfast Potatoes – Plow

Tuna Tostada – Tacolicious

Spaghetti – Delfina

Chilaquiles – Primavera

Oysters – Swan Oyster Depot

Charcuterie – Fatted Calf

Baguette – Acme Bread

Laminated Pastry – Four Barrel Coffee

Honey Cake – 20th Century Café

Tea Salad – Mandalay

Bahn Mi – Siagon Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich – Bakesale Betty’s

Fattoush Salad – Insalata’s

Brunch – Camino

Hummus – Terzo

Pizza Slice – Golden Boy

Focaccia – Liguria Bakery

Lion’s Head – Shanghai Dumpling King

To See:

May Wah Market (amazing Asian market)

Economy Restaurant Supply

Alemany Farmer’s Market

Mushroom Section at Berkeley Bowl

Used Cookbook Section at Green Apple Books

Off the Grid

Line at Tartine Bakery

Chocolate Making at Dandelion

Let me know your thoughts on the list in your comments….what’s missing?  what have you tried?  where do you want to go with me?

Update #1:  The 7×7 2014 Big Eat List came out today (Feb 3)!  Lots of the above items are included plus more!  Check it out.

Update #2:  Still plugging away at the list….hit up a few more of the eats – our visit to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday (2/22) helped to cross a few more items off the list


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